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How to Choose Nerf Gun for Toddlers

How to Choose Nerf Gun for Young Child: Hasbro Inc. has developed Nerf Guns for different age range. Elder kids can buy Nerf Rifle and Long Range Blasters. But such nerf guns are not suitable for younger kids. Therefore, the company provide minimum age criteria in every gun's description. The parents are advised to check the age range first and then buy the nerf gun for their young child.

How to Choose Nerf Gun for Young Child

When you find Nerf Gun for your young child, you should keep in mind that the gun should be safe. Here we provide all important points you should consider while buying an Nerf Gun for Toddler or Young Child.

Small Size:

As we know that small child cannot handle big toys. Therefore you should choose the Nerf Gun which is smaller in size. The child should be able to hold it properly and fire as per his/her choice.


This is the most important thing you should consider. The Nerf Gun must be lightweight so that the child can hold it for longer time. Heavier Guns are designed for kids of 8 years and above. You should find an nerf gun with weight in ounces for your younger child.

Not Powerful:

Some nerf guns are so powerful that there is a risk of injury with younger children. You should not buy such nerf gun for your child. The Nerf Gun which has small range and normal Elite darts is the best one for young child.

Not Automatic/Machine Powered:

Nerf Machine Guns are very powerful and fast in firing the darts. Such nerf guns are powered by batteries which also make the gun heavier. Small children cannot manage to play with Nerf Automatic Machine Guns. Therefore you should buy the nerf gun which is completely powered by human efforts i.e. pump action, hammer action or bolt action blasting.

Easy to Load:

Most Nerf Guns come with simple loading system. Either it has rotating dart drum or a dart removable dart clip. Some Nerf Guns offer built-in dart clip, so you have to insert darts into the blaster to load them. If the nerf gun is easy to load then the young child can play by himself.

Easy to Prime:

Nerf Guns with bolt action or pump action are primed by pulling the handle. You can prime the Nerf Gun by pulling the handle backward and forward. Some nerf guns have coking handle to pull every time you want to fire a dart. In case the blaster does not have simple prime option, you should not buy it for young child.

Safety Items:

When you buy a safe nerf gun for young child, you should also buy some safety items. According to our experience, Eyeglasses, Face Mask and Sports Shoes are necessary for the young child. Because the child is using the nerf gun for first time and s/he need such safety items to learn to play without any possible injury.

You should follow all the instructions mentioned above to choose the Best Nerf Gun for Toddler of Young Child.

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